Jack Black & The Stone Age Argument for Gay Marriage

Recently, Jack Black appeared on an Australian radio show and was asked his opinion about (then Prime Minister) Tony Abbott’s opposition to gay marriage. Black responded, “I personally think he’s living in the stone age …” Mild irony aside (as indicated by the image shown here), it’s the classic argument given by gay marriage campaigners in favour of legalising gay marriage — it’s the 21st century, let’s get with the program.

But the argument isn’t an argument at all; it’s a distraction.

You see, gay marriage activists aren’t campaigning for marriage equality just because we are now in the digital age; their campaign would exist even if we were living in the dark ages. So their reason to support legalisation of gay marriage is not based on time. Rather, it’s based on an ideology that transcends time. Click the link to read more about why this argument belongs to the stone age.

#6. Legalise Gay Marriage Because: WE’RE LIVING IN THE 21ST CENTURY, NOT THE STONE AGE.

Next time someone uses this argument, here’s how you might want to respond.

So you believe we should legalise same sex marriage because we’re living in the 21st century, right?

So does that mean it was okay for same sex marriage to be banned in years gone by?

(Any gay marriage supporter worth their salt would disagree vehemently with this — no way are they going to admit that a ban on gay marriage would ever be okay in the history of marriage. So then you can continue …)

Hmmmm … so you’re not okay with gay marriage being banned in the present and you’re not okay with gay marriage being banned in the past. Clearly then, your support of gay marriage is not a factor of what century it is because even if we were in the 1st century, you would still campaign for gay marriage to be legalised. So why don’t you stop pretending that your argument has anything to do with time, because it doesn’t. Even if we were living in the Stone Age your argument would be — Legalise gay marriage now! This is the Stone Age, for crying out loud; not the Pleistocene!

Don’t be distracted by the Stone Age argument; call it out for the bluff that it is.

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