Same Sex Marriage: What’s The Harm? (2/3)

Advocates of same sex marriage tend to present it as a noble, human rights campaign seeking to recognise the love of homosexual couples. However, the methods they have used to perpetuate their campaign are anything but noble. Because they trample on the human rights of those who disagree with their position. Individuals are bullied into silence and threatened with ostracism. Sometimes they are even slapped with fines that threaten them with closure of their business. There is no doubt — THIS IS HARMFUL. Because it actively prevents people from holding to a contrarian point of view. When people can no longer hold to their points of view out of fear of being penalised financially, socially or professionally — THAT IS HARMFUL. Because the use of fear to control people IS HARMFUL. Click on the link below to read further about just how empty and superficial this argument is.

#5. Legalise Gay Marriage Because: SAME SEX MARRIAGE DOESN’T HARM ANYONE

For more examples of the harm done by same sex marriage, have a read of this article — How could gay marriage harm anyone?

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