It’s one of the most common arguments given in favour of legalising same sex marriage — What harm will it do to anyone if two people who love each other want to get married? Sounds like quite an innocent question; only it isn’t. Because ‘harm’ doesn’t have to imply violence, bloodshed, or physical injury. For instance, great ‘Harm’ is perpetrated upon children because if same sex marriage is legalised, then that means denying them the right to have both a Mum and a Dad using the heavy hand of the law. In other words, any politician or judge who legalises same sex marriage is basically giving state sanction for children to be brought up without a Mum or Dad. That’s harmful for kids because kids need both Mum and Dad. To deny them this right is to sabotage their wellbeing. Click on the link below to read more about the shallowness of this argument.

#5. Legalise Gay Marriage Because: SAME SEX MARRIAGE DOESN’T HARM ANYONE

For more examples of the harm done by same sex marriage, have a read of this article — How could gay marriage harm anyone?

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